The Waterloo District School Board: We Like Fucking With The Minds Of Teenagers

1989 - As communism in Europe falls apart Canada, under the Mulroney government, starts letting in 100 000s of immigrants. But there are already a lot of minority students for us to work within KW!

1989 - High school year books revert to black and white to make all students look the same. If you're a secular Arab born here you're white now! If you're black you're still black.

1989 - We introduce serious courses like Religion, Political Science, and Canadian Studies which are about how to prevent the holocaust from happening again.

1989 - We start teaching hardcore that the Germans murdered 9 million in concentration camps and made lampshades out of their bodies. For some reason it makes East Indians white and Asians sorta white but blacks even blacker.

1998 - More kids commit suicide.

2008 - Let's wear pink to stop high school bullying!
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