The Jews Control Canada!

Last night I drank 3 La Fin Du Mondes. As most Quebeckers know if you drink 3 within the span of 20 minutes you can astral project anywhere you want in the world or in history.

I went back to Ottawa in 1988. I saw both former Prime Ministers Brian Mulroney and John Turner in the Rideau Centre trying on winter coats.

Strange men smoking cigars were near them ready to pay for their new coats. Some of them were Jews and others were from the Big Tobacco Lobby.

John Turner said to Brian: "Look at my new coat! Isn't it awesome?"

And Brian said: "Come on: Let's go outside to throw snowballs at each other and make snow angels to make sure our new coats are waterproof."

As they left the Jews and Big Tobacco paid the bill.

But then I saw NDP leader Ed Broadbent. He timidly approached the counter and, in the 1980s, Canadians used handfuls of red 2 dollar bills to pay for purchases. So he pulled some out of his pocket and asked the man behind the counter whether he had enough to buy himself a new coat, too.

The man counted and said: "I'm sorry sir, this is only $12. It's not enough for a new coat."

So Broadbent moped away. The communist lobby had promised him a new car but it was being specially built in Sverdlovsk and wouldn't be ready for another 10 years. The union lobby had given him an East German watch but when he went to wind it the hands fell off.

But other members of parliament also saw Mulroney and Turner's new coats and they wanted their fair share, too. And there are hundreds of different lobbyists around! Just ask Warren Kinsella or Ezra Levant.

Some are pretty powerful!

And just because it's alleged that the Jews look like this when no one's looking...

Doesn't mean they should be replaced by this...

If so then Northern European males need the big tobacco lobby back to give us free cigarettes to make us feel good about ourselves.

The moral of the story is that next election vote for the Jews and what's left of Big Tobacco because if you vote for Justin you don't know what kind of shit you're getting.
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