The Jew Girl

When I was in 4th year university I was living in Hull, Quebec wondering if I should become a separatist so that I could live in Ottawa but also have an international border between me and the people I went to high school with.

My roommate was a Jew.

She was pretty and a museum curator. She was Dutch and on an exchange program.

I use to see the girl naked on many occasions. She'd go to the washroom late at night wearing only panties.

Once I got home late at night and looked up and she was standing in her bedroom window naked.

I was here like: "Wo! What is that?"

When she went back to Holland she sent me a few letters but I never responded. She had burned herself out with her other male friends.

I should mention that she wasn't a real Jew she was secular. Not religious.

When I was roommates with her one of her best friends was an Italian guy. Another was a Native. The third was French. She never went out with any of them.

It left all three of those guys pissed.

Immense political correctness in society and the crazy white but ethnic flirt!

If blond girls had acted like this they'd be labeled a slut.

But the media's good at creating stars.

Also my impression was that if she had been a student at the U of Waterloo, York, Carleton, or Concordia she would have gotten raped.
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