Homophobia, Teen Suicide: Breaking News From The 1980s...

In high school in the 1980s 90% of guys were straight and 10% of them were gay. But there was so much homophobia because of all of the media coverage surrounding AIDs that nobody could come out of the closet and say they were gay.

Educators entered schools and told kids it was OK to be gay and that homophobia was bad and over the course of 20 years homosexuality became more socially acceptable.

If that's what you believe then you're a fucktard who voted for Kathleen Wynne to make up for the fact that you went on about 'fags' in the 1980/90s.

Or did something else.

When liberals talk about the beautiful changing face of Canada they don't even acknowledge the teen suicide that went into it.

My home room teacher was Mrs. Fretz-Wall at Courtland Avenue Public School. She probably went to a Waterloo Regional School Board meeting and with tears in her eyes said: "I teach a girl named Rajinder who can't speak English and dresses poor and she's tormented by every student in the class except for this red headed kid who likes Brian Mulroney."

When I was in elementary school they had an ESL class for kids who couldn't speak English. In middle school they suddenly believed in immersion for some reason. This whole process really benefited white kids with nationalities Jian Ghomeshi and Rahim Jaffer and the ones I went to high school with who were born in Canada.

By the time I was in high school there wasn't an on-campus prom for some reason. You had the choice of going to the private unofficial prom or the unofficial unofficial prom.

At the University of Waterloo in the 1990s you should have asked engineering students that fit in like Jian or Rahim about 14/15-year-old Northern European kids when they were 18+. A lot of them had been fitting in pretty good with them and it had a lot to do with the movie, 'Schindler's List,' and how everyone was getting worked up about how all Germans knew the holocaust was happening but did nothing to prevent it.

While I think Hitler was a pretty bad because he killed people I never liked the movie, 'Schindler's List,' because I'm not into historical comedies along the lines of Indiana Jones and all of the East Indian bug eating and Nazi Hinduism that went on there.

Steven Spielberg was a good director. He was also responsible for the suicides of many teens.

Teaching the graphic murderousness of genocide to combat racism can be pretty bad as teen boys are so smart they can figure out they have nothing to compensate for.

And then also there's this...

While white North Americans started to look more like this...

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