High School 1990s - Your School Board Kills: Teen Suicide Censorship

Teachers went to PD Days. 'PD' is short for, 'Professional Development.'

There they would learn little things to tell students.

In the 1990s many would keep telling classrooms that the media doesn't report on teen suicide because they don't want to encourage copycats.

The 1990s was all about Hitler Holocaust and Hitler. People consciously or unconsciously knew that the reason Germans were mass murderers is because they are an inbred race of ugly people.

And teenage boys are so smart they can figure out that they don't have anything to compensate for.

Reverse developmentalism took place.

Watching videos of the Nazis landfilling bodies made those who fit in or those who thought they fit in, fit in 100x better.

18-year-old boys are repulsed and attracted to each other.

The valedictorian of my high school was an obese guy with green eyes and brown hair who was incoherent and yelled at people in class. Guys who were asserting themselves enjoyed sitting in class with him because it made them fit in better and proved that they really didn't have anything against ugly Germans. He had a name like Hank Henkelgruberburger.

For me to describe some of the things that happened makes me sound as if I'm joking.

He was supercharged. He had a lifetime of developmental psychology poured into him over the course of two years. Today I bet he's probably the least racist most gay positive person there is after boiling off all of that steam about himself.

The school boards encouraged bullying before they got students to dress up in pink to prevent it.

Now they cover a few chosen suicides.

While this article mentions bullying, there's no indication of a
police investigation as to whether the boy had been bullied.
Why the media's ban on teen suicide that lasted up until recently?

If the valedictorian of your high school was a fat guy covered in boils who's a bully I can assure you that somewhere else in your city a guy that looks like Justin Bieber but with green eyes and freckles is killing himself.

If South Asian guys who were born in Canada were whining and dining 14/15-year-old girls then South Asian girls who are unattractive are offing themselves, too.

And your secretly Marxist school board knew what was going on all along.

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