Don't Take My NDP Away From Me!

I was a member of the NDP for a year when I was 20. My opinion should at least count for something. One of the reasons I joined them is because I saw Kim Campbell and Jean Charest cash their unemployment cheques so that they could drink Domaine Leflaive Montrachet Grand Cru under a bridge before they found more gainful employment.

I didn't want to see the same thing happen to the NDP!

But now there's this...

"I suspect sometime during the 2015 fall campaign, Justin and Mulcair will stage a joint press conference to announce they've suddenly discovered their two parties are not so different after all."

So there you have it. We were lied to all these years. As I keep telling readers I have a memory that can go back in time and remember everything. When I was a kid Brian Mulroney and John Turner were arguing it out over Free Trade with America. The leader of the NDP was Ed Broadhurst an unemployed drifter and former member of the Communist Party of America. He just stood there shaking his head at both of them knowing he was right about America, the USSR, and Sweden.

The irony is that at the time a lot of working class people were social conservatives. And they paid their union dues to fund the New Democrats.

The Federal NDPs brief glory period was in 1993 when Svend Robinson, high on nutmeg and stilton cheese, wandered into parliament and, finding the place empty as usual, assumed that he was now the acting Prime Minister of Canada. The result was that Jean Chretien's office was redecorated not to his liking.
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