Canadian Liberals Are Racist Pieces Of Shit!

Everybody knows that most teachers are in the teacher's union and that they're a bunch of Marxists who pray to the ghost of Jack Layton and wish that Justin Trudeau and whoever that guy who's in charge of the NDP would finally hold hands to defeat tyrant Stephen Harper's gay positive, pro-mass immigration regime.

Here's another 'When I was in high school story...'

When I was in high school a teacher talked about the race riots in America in 1968. Then he boasted that there were never any race riots in Canada.

I did some research and found out he was wrong. Kitchener, Ontario, is a city founded by Germans so there's a lot of racism there. In 1968 the forty black guys that lived in KW gathered in Victoria Park and drank beer and then took turns urinating on the statue of Queen Victoria.

Nearby Guelph was founded by the British. There was no racism or riots in Guelph because Guelph was 140% white in 1968.

But kids in high school in 1968 weren't as ugly. Today kids are fatter because gym class is an elective. And a lot of white people look more and more like ugly racists like George Zimmerman.

I think cops should go back to racially 
profiling white people who look
like this.

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