Breaking News: Hitler, Justin Trudeau Both Racists!

Now that Cuba is the whitest country in North America, friend to Cuba Justin Trudeau is set to achieve Great Leader status in Canada in 2015.

As you know my blog is about the latest election news. All of the racist things are satire whenever Liberals read it. For legal reasons.

Scouring the internet for the latest on Canada's JFK Junior, I found this pic...

Here he is making out with a strange bearded man!

Doing some more research I found out that the bearded man is none other than Darian Mukake, leader of the NDP and head of the Official Opposition in Ottawa.

But friends told me I was wrong. They insisted Alexa McDonough was leader of the NDP.

But they also told me it was Fidel Castro in the pic!

After being a major homophobe and having people shot in the 1950s and 1960s, Castro finally makes up for it in Justin Trudeau's arms.

Fidel Castro has a reputation for being a dog. I mean he's a guy who likes banging a different woman every night. I think he has a lot in common with that white racist fuck Jian Ghomeshi because I'm thinking that while there are a lot of black people in Cuba, I really doubt a dictator like Castro has ever slept with any of them.

When those Nazis who live in Brazil finally clone Hitler and bring him back to life, will Justin also give Adolf a big hug?

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