My New Years Resolution

My New Years resolution is to become the fascist dictator of Canada.

It's because democracy doesn't work. But it's the only system that we have. For now I recommend that you vote for Harper as I figure out how I will take charge of this country.

I use to be a Red Tory/Liberal/New Democrat who shuddered every time he heard the voice of Preston Manning. I don't even believe in the death penalty.

Many Canadians want the death penalty restored to get rid of people like Paul Bernardo. But if you bring back the death penalty Bernardo will continue to sit in prison as they execute some dumb gang banger.

Unlike the Liberal Party of Canada I already have a platform. One of the key things I'm running on to become fascist dictator of Canada is this...

"There are too many immigrants in this country. With me as dictator I promise to strip people like Justin Trudeau of their citizenship and deport them back to their native Cuba."

Also when I was in high school in the 1990s a lot of it was about how the Germans committed the holocaust and they all knew what they were doing but did nothing to prevent it. This led to some problems as teen boys are so smart they can sit down and figure out they have nothing to compensate for.

To prevent the holocaust from ever happening again I plan to deport any teacher who has ever said: "I teach political science or sociology at such and such high school," back to Cuba.

All of those classes will be replaced by watching, 'The Source' with Ezra Levant.

Remember: In the New Year vote me for fascist dictator of Canada.

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