LGBT Youth Have Highest Suicide Rate!

Some teens kill themselves for all sorts of different reasons.

One of my best friends in the 1990s was a blond computer engineering student. He grew up in the GTA. I was friends with him for a year.

After having something like a 96% average in high school he got into the hardest program there is and then never went to class and dropped out. Aside from that he was a really nice guy.

Blond computer engineering students from middle class families have a lot in common with gay men: They're both minorities.

I can hypothesize that somewhere in Ontario there was a normal looking gay guy who was in the closet when he was in high school. Since he wasn't having sex when he was a teen and since he kept to himself he got a 98% average and got into computer engineering at the U of W. But since many of the other computer engineers were so ugly, weird, and perverse he felt sickened. If you're a civil engineer you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Then he read Montreal Simon's blog and the world didn't make any sense anymore so he threw himself off a bridge.

Resist? Resist a moderate government that's pretty much like the Liberal government that was in power before it?
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