Breaking News On Jian Ghomeshi:

Iran right now.
If Jian Ghomeshi had grown up in whatever country his parents came from little girls would have made fun of his big ugly nose. Little girls being spiteful bitches is an important part of developmental psychology. It's also what turns them into beautiful liberals by the time they're in high school.

But Ghomeshi's parents moved him to Canada to give him the opportunity to be a white man.

Since Canada was never anywhere as racist as the country that still has human slavery or that other country that has thousands of Afghans on death row for petty drug traffic charges, Ghomeshi has a lot of white privilege here.

So here he can get back at those little girls that once tormented him by sleeping with everything that moves. I'm already banking on the notion that he's had few or no relationships with black women because Jian Ghomeshi is a racist.

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