Warren Kinsella Is Publishing And Responding To My Comments

This sucks for me.

On Sundays all of the conservative bloggers meet for lunch at Swiss Chalet. I often get all dressed up and go there. I say, "Mrs. Shaidle: I write the blog, 'The Ugly Hockey Sweater.'"

And she doesn't make eye contact with me. She says: "Get away from me."

I usually stand outside in the rain staring in through the window trying to figure out what they're all talking about.

When I see Kathy Shaidle get into her car I shout: "But Kinsella hates me even more than he hates you."

She mutters: "Leave me alone or I'm calling the police."

One day I'll be invited to sit at the big table with all the other conservative bloggers. I like Stephen Harper because he's destroying the country at a slightly slower rate than Justin Trudeau ever will.
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