Turkey Struggles To Discover America

The Original Native American...If he were
Middle Eastern that is.
Oh no. After going to university and learning about Colonialism and how Indians died in the biggest genocide in all of history, Turkey pulls a fast one...

Staunchly pro-government media outlets in Turkey are racing with each other to prove that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was right in his recent claim that the Americas were discovered by Muslim sailors long before Christopher Columbus.

“Studies of American historians show that Islam reached the Americas in the 650s,” daily Akşam reported Nov. 17. One of the “historians” that the article referred to, however, raised some eyebrows on Turkish social media.

“According to the study conducted between 1940-50 by Prof. Barry Fell from Harvard University, Islam arrived in the Americas in the 650s,” the newspaper said, claiming that the ruins of Islamic religious schools, or madrasahs, were found in places like Colorado, New Mexico and Indiana.

Barry Fell, who lived between 1917-1994, was a controversial figure regarding the subject. As a professor at Harvard for invertebrate zoology, most of his claims about the arrival of Islam in the Americas were dismissed by mainstream scholars and experts on the field.

If Muslims had discovered America it would have taken them another 500 years and then they would have worn oxygen masks to prevent the natives from dying of the flu because Muslims aren't racist.
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