The School Board Created Nazis

I went to high school and university in the 1990s.

I'm from Kitchener, Ontario. Demographically, it's a city similar to London, ON, or Hamilton.

Around the time the Soviet Union fell apart Canada started letting in hundreds of thousands of immigrants every year. Before that debate about immigration centered around boat people.

Old high school year books from the 1980s. By the 1990s all of my year books were printed in black and white. It was to make everyone look the same. But if you were black you were still black.

In 1980 my high school would have taught History and Geography. By the 1990s they had bird course after bird course: World Issues, Political Science, Religion... Most of these were about the Nazis and how we have to diversify the population to prevent the holocaust from happening again.

We never read the book, 'The Diary of Anne Frank,' because the school board wanted to create the idea that the Nazis systematically murdered 9 million people in gas chambers and used their bodies to make soap

Nobody ever mentioned that the war criminal Winston Churchill had been a skinny ginger freak when he was teen and that many of the Yiddish Jews that he killed through saturation bombing which caused typhus were also ginger.

Some people benefited from their newfound white entitlement.

Racists like Jian Ghomeshi have to be stopped!

When Ghomeshi was 9 girls made fun of his big nose so he became the whitest guy at the CBC and made a career out of sleeping with white women.

Now that you've hit rock bottom, Ghomeshi, don't join the Neo Nazi Party of Canada! Too many Ashkenazi Jews died to give you the opportunity to come to Canada and live life like you were a Northern European.

I never went to my high school graduation ceremony. I was on the rez. I'm one of those really annoying redheaded racist bloggers that can bother Warren Kinsella without getting sued because I can claim I'm 1/50th native like this person.
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