PM Harper Reaches Monumental Free Trade Agreement With China!

In the 1980s free trade, like
mass immigration, was
supported by all three
major political
Stephen Harper is on another trade mission to China and has made significant progress in making Canada a Chinese currency hub as we move closer to having a free trade agreement with our communist allies.

Free trade was introduced to Canadians in the 1980s by former Prime Ministers John Turner and Brian Mulroney. It was Mulroney that would get most of the blame for it.

The idea and issue of free trade with the United States had long been a thorny issue. At the time it appeared that the proponents and opponents had switched sides, with the PC's in favor and the Liberals (formerly in favor) opposed.

Free Trade was later strengthened by the support of the Chretien government. They had been opposed to it but secretly in favour.

Whether you, yourself, supported it or were forced to support it, you ended up getting free trade.

Now, as Europeans diversify themselves out of existence, our new overlords will eventually be the Chinese...

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