Human Rights Commission Finally Gets A Legitimate Case!

And it's not a made up one!

It's also not a lesbian and a comedian getting into a swearfest or somebody who thinks they were denied beer at the liquor store because they have a status card.

Here it is...

Winnipeg teen with dwarfism takes bullies to human rights commission

The mother of a Winnipeg teen who says he's constantly bullied at school is overwhelmed by the support she and her son have received since going public with their story.

Her 15-year-old son, David Hanuschuk, has dwarfism — a genetic condition that limits his growth — and says he has been tormented by fellow students since Kindergarten.

Lisa Funk said it was difficult to come forward, but the positive reaction has been helpful.

"It definitely boosts my courage, because I was so on the fence about doing this, just because we are so private," she said. "Having so much support has given us a boost to keep going, and one of my friends did say, 'you've gone this far, keep going.'"

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