Don't You Wish Rob Ford Was Still Mayor?

So the trannies had a flag day a city hall, and true to form it went insane. A tranny stole the special tranny flag, then trannies started fighting other trannies, because the trannies of colour or some such felt excluded by the white privileged trannies or something, there was a clip of an altercation on CP24. However we’ll just have to do with the Star’s coverage until and if I can locate it.

John Tory attended in a bid to be declared mayor of all the trannies which is pretty much what everyone elected him to be after all, so you can count this as the high water mark of his nascent administration. He won over George “Party Drug” Smitherman, which may count for something in a special circle of hell somewhere. It’s all downhill for John from here though, he was accused of being disrespectful to Tranny Day by stating he was “Happy to be here”.
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