Asian Americans Sue After Being Rejected From Harvard

When I was in high school I was dumb enough to take a religion class. It, like  regular history, world issues, and English class, was about the holocaust.

One of the Asians in the class was a Buddhist who thought Hitler was a pretty good guy. Also there was an East Indian in the class who had a thing for making out with girls four to five years his junior.

The East Indian spent hours and years ranting about me behind my back because I was one of those unsightly ginger kids...

The Asian Neo Nazi became a computer engineer and the East Indian became a doctor.

The East Indians' main thing was that I was a pervert who stalked women and that I was also a racist because I was jealous of him because he was so beautiful.

In the 1990s the Waterloo County School Board, like most other school boards in North America, experimented with white genocide and cultural Marxist indoctrination.

There was no shortage of South Asian and Asian computer science students at the U of Waterloo in 1990. But to make sure Europeans will quickly become minorities in Ontario, they needed more of them.

Americans (and Warren Kinsella, too) are known for suing every time they don't get something they don't want.

Now Asians have learned from this.

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