8 of the Worst Countries For Black People to Travel To

The Atlanta Blackstar has released a list of the 8 worst countries for black people to travel to.

It should come as no surprise that at the top of the list is Germany in an article flanked by pictures of skin heads.

While it's true that Germans are racists and that their country is 99% white if you're a Marxist who lives in America, does Germany really belong at the top of the list?

Germany has done a lot to prove that they aren't racist towards black people. And what do they get in return?

Infact, in the 1980s they came out with something called, 'Milli Vanilli.'

After a lot of success things suddenly went very badly at a concert in America when one of their songs began to skip and it was revealed that they were lip-synching.

Milli Vanilli may go down in history as one of the worst things that Germany has done in the 20th century..

And more recently they came out with something else called, 'Deso Dogg,' but whoever that was got tired of hip-hop and switched vocation to beheading people for ISIL.

Anyway, here is a revised list of the worst countries for black people to go to:

1) All of Asia.

If you're black don't go to Asia. Seriously. Because:

2) Asia has a south part, too:

-'India Is Racist, And Happy About It'

-The F├╝hrer Cult: Germans Cringe at Hitler's Popularity in Pakistan


3) And stay away from the Middle East:

-Saudi Arabia: The Middle East’s Real Apartheid State


-Black Iraqis Struggle To Shake Legacy of Racism

4) And finally Africa can be downright dangerous, too:

-Libyan Revolt Unmasks Lethal Racism Against Black Africans

-Arab Racism Raises its Head in Sudan

-The truth behind the cannibals of Congo
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