Canada's Two Opposition Leaders

Seeing the amount of news coverage Justin Trudeau elicits from the media is staggering. Meanwhile, many people are unsure of what the name of the leader of the Official Opposition is.

This past week we've heard all about Justin's spat with Ezra Levant and what he thinks about sending CF-18s to Iraq. Always on the higher moral ground he wants humanitarian aid to counter ISIS.

Canadians who adore him have a desire to give this country a Kennedy dynasty. Polls predict that Justin will become PM and he will be a tabloid Prime Minister, like his father.

Pierre pirouetted behind the Queen's back and played egotistical mind games with the provincial premieres. But he was photogenic and that's all public opinion cares about.

Meanwhile a lone figure was seen standing outside the CBC building yelling something like: "My name is Bob Mucair! Why won't you people listen to me?"
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