Gay Positive

As society got more gay positive as soon as Ron Paul retired, I could finally come out of the closet! It's awesome. If you were gay or said anything gay in the 1990s people would think that you were gay.

The gay community took a severe hit because of Aids. Which meant that when I was in high school in the 1990s there wasn't a single person who was openly gay.

But now I can come out of the closet and tell people that I knew this skinny boyish guy. He had blond hair dark eyes and eyebrows the same colour.

He was on my highschool's football team. I didn't think anything of it at the time because they used him as a kicker.

By second year university I met him and he hated black people.

He won a scholarship to play football at one of those southern American schools where the state governor said to a black-majority school affirmitive action goes both ways.

He dropped out.

Sitting in class with Asians turned some people into massive egotists.

Ontario: Our football players are smaller and smoother than yours, America.

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