Canada Becomes An Asian Country

Canada recently ratified a foreign investor protection agreement [FIPA] with China [Harper Gov't 'Conceded to China' under Pressure: Treaty Expert, by Jeremy J. Nuttall, TheTyee.CA, September 13 2014]. The agreement underwent considerable delay and remains controversial. [FIPA Signed, but Questions Linger| Canada's investment deal with China vs. anti-monopoly laws, by Matthew Little, Epoch Times, September 17, 2014.]

A major source of the controversy: FIPA may allow China to force Canadian firms to share industrial intellectual property. The major source of the delay: the discovery Chinese infiltration of a Canadian government agency, apparently to steal…intellectual property.

It seems the Chinese have now decided that if you get caught with the goods red-handed, it’s still not too late to just ask for them instead.

Ask—or demand.

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