Suprisingly the CBC passed on my script. They said that movies are supposed to be longer than 15 minutes and cited it would be unlikely that they could get Peter Mansbridge drunk enough to act in it.

So I quickly began work on my next movie proposal. It's a political thriller. Here's what I have so far...


It is a pleasant, sunny day.


PRESIDENT OBAMA sits behind his desk. A little drunk he chugs a can of Bud and tosses it on the floor behind him. He then presses an intercom button on his desk.

OBAMA: Send Stephen Harper in here.

MICHAEL IGNATIEFF quickly enters.

IGNATIEFF: You wanted to see me, Mr. President?

OBAMA: Yes, Stephen.

IGNATIEFF: I keep telling you: I'm not Stephen Harper. I'm Michael Ignatieff.

OBAMA: All of you people look a like to me. Why don't you grow an afro or something so that I can differentiate you from one another?

Obama opens another can of Budweiser.

OBAMA (Cont'd): Stephen, I was watching CNN last night and it suddenly occurred to me that people don't like me.

IGNATIEFF: No, sir: You're mistaken.

OBAMA: Shut-up. Since you're from Canada I thought I'd ask you: After I leave this job should I run for mayor of Toronto? Then will people like me?

IGNATIEFF: I don't really know that much about Canada. I'm more of a Harvard, Princeton, Harvard type guy.

OBAMA: But you were some kind of leader up there.

IGNATIEFF: Briefly. I'd stay away. In Ontario all they do is drink Tim Hortons and complain about the economy. In Quebec every single person drives a Volkswagen Golf and its like bumper cars all over the roads. Then there's other parts of the country that Liberals aren't familiar with. They have really good pot in BC, though.

OBAMA: Interesting. So if I buy a VW Golf, drink Tim Hortons coffee, and go to BC to smoke pot, will that make me popular in Canada?

IGNATIEFF: (pondering) I know someone who might be able to help you.


He is wearing dark sunglasses.

FISHBURNE: When EXPO '67 was first built, there was a man born in Montreal who had the ability to change whatever he wanted, to remake Canada as he saw fit. It was he who got the first of us to vote Liberal, taught us about Trudeaumania. As long as Conservatives exist, Canadians will never be fully free to do all of that weirder stuff we did in the '60s. After he died, the Liberal conventions prophesied his return and his coming would hail the destruction of Conservatives. That is why there are those who have spent our entire lives searching Canada looking for him.

Now we see that Fishburne is talking to JUSTIN TRUDEAU who is dumbly surprised.


JUSTIN TRUDEAU is waking up from a nap. He yells...

JUSTIN: Sophie, I had that dream again!

Sophie answers from out in the hallway...

SOPHIE (VOICE OVER): The one where you are Superman?

JUSTIN: No. In this one I'm Neo from the Matrix.

SOPHIE (VOICE OVER): No more juice boxes for you before nap time.
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