Archelogical Evidence Suggests Canada's Arctic Belongs To Nazi Germany!

The Harper government fired a scientist who was finding evidence that the Norse, the Dorset, and the Vikings were in the north before the Inuit.

Some people believe that Pat Sutherland was let go because Canada fears that archelogical evidence can be used by the Danes to make land claims in the Arctic.

I went to the library and started doing my own research.

I found that Denmark is a country in northern Europe.

Danish is a Germanic language.

Furthermore, I discovered that there's archelogical evidence that Germans had settled in Danzig, the Ukraine, and the Sudetenland.

Germany's borders used to be bigger.

And that English and all of the Scandinavian languages are also Germanic.

If Denmark can claim Canada's Arctic because they were there first then logically shouldn't Germany reclaim most of northern Europe?

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