No Bills Bon Jovi Refugees To Canada!

After the CFLs failed expansion into the United States it looked like Americans weren't ready for football. 

But now there's news that they've started their own league called the 'NFL.'

I wouldn't trust these fly-by-night leagues. Remember the International Hockey League? Or the Colonial Hockey League? Central Hockey League?

Buffalo, NY, is known in Canada as being the home of the Sabres.

But now there's something called the, 'Buffalo Bills.' And they're thinking about moving to Toronto!

TO already has the Argos. How could these Bills compete with that?

And this whole thing is being spearheaded by none other than Jon Bon Jovi?

As a Canadian you have to tear yourself away from the Ottawa Redblacks vs. the Saskatchewan Roughriders game to ask: "Is this whole NFL-Buffalo Bills thing something that Bon Jovi made up as a way to gain Canadian citizenship and escape Obama's America?"

Maybe move the Sabres to Hamilton or Quebec City and you'll get your citizenship, Jon Bon Jovi. Maybe.

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