Michael Coren Joins LGBT!

When I was a teen I remember listening to Michael Coren on CFRB1010.

He was inflammatory and racist.

Then a few years later he was on the Crossroads Television System with his own show. I rarely watched it but during one election year I witnessed him say: "I don't know who I'm voting for: NDP, Liberal, Conservative."

Then he improved much when he started writing articles about the antagonism between blacks, the homeless, and gays in places like California and Vancouver.

If this is a democracy we need people to say things that Liberals don't want to think about.

Now he's fallen in love at World Pride.

If you want a brief history of Christianity and religion in general you just have to look at Michael Coren's career.

After 2000 years of being despotic, incoherent, and crazy by the time I wasn't old enough to vote all of the older Christians that I knew supported Preston Manning and the Reform Party.

Younger people stopped going to church in droves.

Faced with declining numbers now the Anglican church in particular has Marxist-Lenninst meeting on Tuesday nights.

Now Christians are 10x more left-wing than I was as a teenager.

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