Premiere Wynne Speaks!

Our glorious Premiere has had some more brilliant words on the election! She says a vote for Horwath is really a vote for Hudak.

I agree.

Right now Horwath is running around trying to distance herself from the Bob Rae government of 20 years past and aligning herself with the ghost of Jack Layton.

It's a wise move.

Once the NDP actually won an election in Ontario. At first they were ecstatic that they got in. Then it became apparent that they weren't sure how to run a government when all of the special interest groups that had supported them said: "Gimme, gimme, gimmeee!" expecting bags full of cash.

Things got so bad that then leader Bob Rae eventually fled, defecting to the Liberal Party.

That's why Liberals are always right.

Rae eventually understood that Hudak is bad because he plans to spend less money but on things that will help the economy. Meanwhile the NDP had so many friends when they were in college they needed to reach into their pockets pretty deep.

Vote Liberal this June 12th because when nobody's looking there'll probably be some more scandals and money for some but not for others. You have no idea what you're getting anymore with a Liberal government but it's sort of interesting to ponder whether Wynne is re-elected will she make Jimmy Kimmel too?

Probably not: She's not interesting enough.

But she jogs.
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