Parkdale Full Of Crazed Sex Perverts!

With all of the political correctness in society regarding how we have to work hard to diversify the population to prevent crazed sex perverts like Reich Marshal Baron Von Sternberg from ascending to power, society needed its scape goats.

Like in Nazi Germany.

At first there were real ones like the crazed sex pervert who ate other men.

But then, 20 years later, teens are being labeled sex offenders for streaking and taking artistic photos of themselves with their cell phones.

Now City Councilor Mammoliti is calling Parkdale a pedophile district.

The conservative side of my brain says maybe he's 1/5th right. But the racist part of my brain is saying, 'Mammoliti???'

That's one of those weird ethnic names.

It's racist itself that blonde haired sex slaves were more expensive in Rome and the Ottoman Empire.

So I feel like saying: "Hey Mammoliti: If you don't like Parkdale why don't you go back to Japan?'"

City Councilors like Mammoliti may be able to rehabilitate themselves, though.

For example: There are all ages dance clubs. Why doesn't he demand they reverse ID teens entering there?

Then bouncers can say: "You're 23-years-old: What are you doing with this 16-year-old?"

It'll be a good way to prevent date rape and teen pregnancy.

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