Ontario Wynne's!

Once this blog was the 35 000 most popular website in all of Canada. But readership went down.


Damn you neocons, Jews, and all of those young guys that looked good in suits when they went to Ron Paul conventions a few years ago!

But this is Ontario, Canada: Proudly run by the Liberal Party.

Canada's natural governing party.

I can document that I was once a Young Liberal. Which is now more important than ever.

Regular readers of this blog know that I was a strong supporter of Leader Wynne.

At this pivotal moment in Ontario's history when some of TO's elite sit around pondering whether they should separate from the province and form an even worse province to steal more jobs from Montreal, we need inefficient and scandalous government.

The Orange Helicopter Company and Invisible Power Plant, Inc. did not win tonight. Those things have been long forgotten by the electorate. Farmers may or may not be continued to be driven crazy by power generating windmills. Nobody cares.

Tonight we proudly voted for more and efficient scandals.

Teacher's unions will sigh with relief as classes get smaller and smaller in the rest of the province and Toronto gets more congested, we can hire way more. Union bosses will scowl at their underlings who they just know voted for Hudak.

And various civil service pencil pushers can take a stress free holiday in Cuba tomorrow...

Cuba: Now the whitest country in North America: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Racism_in_Cuba 

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