Ontario Human Rights Commission Needs Phone Calls, Complaints!

After years of protecting the public with hearings, judges, and litigation the Ontario Human Rights Commission has begun to realize that their ineffective and useless. Since only a select few people use their services they've discovered that many more are being harassed but don't know about it.

That's why they've come out with new guidelines on human rights for the mentally ill.

It's your duty as an Ontarian to inform anybody, whoever, and lots of people that they can take their complaints to the HRC because they want to hear about them.

-All of the people who marched in the World Pride Parade should lodge complaints.

-Those guys drinking beer in the park must have been harassed by someone at one point or the other.

-All the girls who are made to wear short skirts as their uniform when they work in pubs close to the university.

-And former Prime Minister Paul Martin could lodge a complaint against Jean Chretien for all of the things Chretien did to him in the 1990s.

Let's inundate the HRC with all of those who are really, truly harassed!

  1. Ontario Human Rights Commission
  2. Address: 180 Dundas W, Toronto, M7A 2R9
  3. Phone:(416) 326-9511
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