If You're Gay And In The Closet Marry A Liberal...

...Because Conservatives have finely tuned Gaydar as they STEREOTYPE homosexuals.

I've just read the most offensive article during World Pride and it was published by none other than

The Toronto Star

It's even on the front page!

How dare they say that you can just stereotype people like that? Within 40 milliseconds conservative-inclined individuals can tell with a lot of accuracy someone's sexuality?

What gives?

Where's the Human Rights Commission on this one? Tories should be up in arms against this slander!

But wait a minute.

I supported Harper in the last four elections.

Let's give this a try...


Likely closet case.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Probably straight before he started working
for the CBC.

Really expensive hair.


100x better looking than Justin Trudeau.

Mostly straight.

Introduction to naked old people 101.

Did I do this one already? It's hard to say. He may
enter puberty when he's 45. We'll know more then.

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