Children With Autism, ADHD, Allergies, And Also Peter Sellers

After Jenny McCarthy's son was diagnosed with autism, she quickly began work on curing it. Garnering a lot of media attention she figured the culprit was vaccination.

The rise of autism has been linked to older parents having children, including fathers.

But while it can be diagnosed in kids something 1000x more common is Attention Deficit Disorder.

Most students in elementary school shouldn't be medicated.

Diagnosing ADHD in the young misses the whole point of developmental psychology.

Beginning in the early 80s (or maybe the late 70s) medication began to be prescribed to pupils who were deemed slow or hyperactive. They probably tried a number of different kinds with Ritalin becoming one of the ones that was widely adopted.

How did prescription pills make there way so readily into schools?

Many boys whose parents both worked found themselves with too much energy to burn off and they became a cash crop for pharmaceutical companies.

By high school many, having medicated themselves for so long, moved on to more illicit drugs.

And all of this happened when there was a dramatic rise in allergies which has been linked to the use of antibacterial products. 

Little kids shouldn't be babysat with videos and computers but should spend more time in their backyards to help build up their immune system.

Or they'll end up like this guy...

Ladies and gentlemen: One of the greatest movies ever made...

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