White Privilege

These people teach the teachers who teach your Children...

I remember sometime around 2008 there were some bloggers in Quebec who got into trouble (or almost got into trouble) with the Quebec version of the HRC for saying that the country was being flooded with immigrants and the school board was femininizing youth.

It was one of the reasons I started this mediocre blog!

While there are smaller groups of ethnicities such as Natives and Somalis, generally speaking black males have the highest drop out rates in North America. Whites have the second.

I was being taught in the 1990s that the reason so many first generation Canadians were getting high marks is because they study hard and don't have social lives. A couple teachers pointed this out.

Blacks were being forced out of high school by what white people describe for themselves as, 'white flight.'

Black flight.

Confused (often stupid) white teens could learn that they're racist. And they could do so without the aid of sociology and Canadian studies classes...

So they appropriated black culture...

To fit in and be cool. And show everyone they weren't racist. Sometimes (and often) this made blacks uncomfortable.

And Asians, South Asians, secular people from Muslim countries (many being born here) rode the wave of anti-racism and got good grades blacks were again pushed out by the interaction smarter whites had with those with the higher grades. 

Then the high dropout rate is often used as an excuse to make high school easier. More diversity classes?

So the cycle of liberal idiocy continues.

The flip side to this is a racist argument:

Because whites are a bunch of racists. Society tells us we are.

Hours and hours of things like white privilege in easier classes is not good for the male psyche.

90% of men are straight and 10% are gay? I wouldn't give many a lot of credit in that department...

And it's very difficult for heterosexuals to endure hours and hours of learning that they're Nazis. So some drop out and some go crazy, not knowing why.

I think the dropout rate was 25% in the 1990s.

When I graduated maybe it was 65% women (a lot of pretty white women) going on to university. And the guys were darker but rarely black.

High school is geared toward women and Asians! They do much better in diversity classes.

And even in an advanced English class we'd read a novella about a boy on the run after he escaped from a concentration camp.

Too much political correctness being taught is not a good thing. They could stop and let popular culture fill the gap.

I don't think if they did stop white boys would grow up to march on Poland.

More: http://legalinsurrection.com/2014/05/white-privilege-industrial-complex-exposed/
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