Talking To Young People

Sometimes I enjoy going out drinking by myself to get away.

A guy of about 25 sat down and struck up a conversation with me.

He was a good-looking white guy with a dark complexion.

A graduate of a majority non-white high school he had gone to community college. He also said that he had been in the army reserve.

He kept repeating, "America is evil," and things like, "The Americans train here because Canadian forces are the best in the world."

I asked him who he thought was behind September 11th and he said that the US government no doubt had a hand in it.

Then I asked him if Israel was behind it, too.

He pondered it for a moment and then switched the conversation to how he wanted to learn Arabic.

I'm serious.

I told him that I'd gone to school in the 1990s. The town I grew up in has a local university. I said that there were only two blond guys that I knew of that graduated from my school and went to the uni. One was very good-looking and a narcissist and the other is now openly gay.

On me describing one of them as being good-looking he got uncomfortable and asked me if I was gay.

That's public education today: September 11th truther who wants to learn Arabic and homophobic.

What I am is what is now described as a ginger...

Being perceptive was important. Or a nightmare. When I was a student women (or woman and then other women) would like me and lead me on and yak away with their friends about me.

This led to many guys I didn't know going on about me behind my back and, often, ranting about me.

Overall, as a ginger, I did better socially with blonds, Asians, and some black guys.

As a Young Liberal it wasn't my choice to grow up to become a marginal racialist blogger who likes Sherbrooke, Duluth, and sometimes downtown Toronto. It chose me.

And now here's to the US Marines who are better trained than Canadian reservists...

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