Send Your Kids To Private School (Valedictorian)

Or homeschool.

The valedictorian of my high school was obese, he'd wear a t-shirt that was too small for him, and he was covered in boils. Inarticulate and temperamental, he'd yell at people in class.

He was very good at math, though.

He was also an Ontario Young Liberal who joined the provincial wing because he wanted Ontario to separate from Canada as he hated Quebec.

I'm not making this up.

If you do send your kids to public school go to a graduation ceremony first. If the valedictorian is a pretty blonde girl or a black football player than it's probably a good school.

Just don't ask me why. That would cause me to think about graphs and charts and end up calling the school board Marxist.

(I was a student in the 1990s).

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