Racial Profiling?

I'm not a criminologist. I did try to major in it once for a year.

I'm also not a doctor.

I watch the news and obviously a lot of corner stores get robbed.

It's not just black people robbing those stores.

Everybody knows that.

It's poor people.

And many of those who own corner stores aren't rich and are usually trying to put their kids through college. So they're not evil either.

TV News: Racial profiling? Prohibition of marijuana?

A lot of corner stores sell these to young people to smoke pot...

A small pipe.

And other cheap Chinese-made goods.

As I said I'm not a doctor but I think that continuously lighting a flame so close to your eyes is causing damage to people's retinas.

Racial profiling?

How 'bout 5 years later with damaged eyes, no job, and deprived of drugs those same people subconsciously lash out at those who unwittingly sold them what's hurting their eyes.

Has Dr. Oz covered this yet? Or do they at least teach it in school? Maybe in Gym when nobody's paying attention.

Phone your kids school and ask whether gym is an elective!

And let's buy more of our cheap goods from capitalist countries like Poland and the former USSR!

Now if you have a cousin who lives in East Germany or Latvia phone them up to say, 'Hi.'

If you're Jamaican call up someone there.

One thing whites and blacks can learn from other races is that they're very homogeneous.

And enjoy helping each other out.

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