In What Movie Does Charlie Chaplin Play Hitler?

The Great Dictator (1940)

One of the best satires of the 20th century, the superb stage and screen comedian, Charlie Chaplin, lampoons Adolf Hitler in, 'The Great Dictator,' during the onset of World War 2.

It's interesting to note that while Chaplin and Hitler looked a lot alike thanks largely to their toothbrush mustaches, they were also born just four days apart in April of 1889.

For what the two shared in astrology, they would become vastly different people.

Charlie Chaplin became a comic actor, mastering slapstick and mime. And a film director. And an accomplished composer even though he couldn't read musical notes. As his career progressed, he would also become politically outspoken and democratic. From the character that he was most famous for, 'The Tramp,' who was a gentlemanly but poor vagrant who outwitted authority figures, to films like, 'Modern Times,' Chaplin sympathised with the struggling masses.

In, 'The Great Dictator,' he plays Adenoid Hynkel (and also a second character who is an unnamed Jewish barber)...

In one of the most famous scenes, he is seen dancing with a globe making fun of his counterpart's quest for military dominance.

Nobody knew what would happen when the film came out. At the time Nazi forces were storming across France and the United States remained neutral. 

Having become famous for his silent films, 'The Great Dictator,' would now become Chaplin's largest commercial success...

It's alleged that Hitler watched the movie twice, alone in his screening room. Chaplin said that he would have given anything to know his reaction to it but no review from the dictator was ever forthcoming.
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