Canada's Human Rights Commissions

There are household names.

Everyone's heard about Genghis Khan. Or Jack the Ripper.

Hitler and Stalin. The Marquis de Sade. Vlad the Impaler.

And Ezra Levant.

Most Canadians don't hear a lot about the little cases that the Human Rights Commissions look into. They should because it's one of the ways the government spends your tax dollars.

Many do know that Mr. Levant has had his run ins with the Albertan HRC.


Two Years and $100,000 Later

Levant was charged with hate speech for republishing CARTOONS of the Islamic prophet Mohammad.

But who censors the censors?

As HRCs across Canada were spending millions of dollars looking into frivolous complaints lodged by those smart enough to know they could take their problems with people or groups to court for free, many others were watching movies like this...

Please HRC!

Please stop.

Everyone can see the goal that you're working toward.

Had Hitler won the war we'd supposedly live in a world where everyone looks like Justin Trudeau (but with blond hair), acts like him, and is as moral as him.

But we don't live in a world where everyone is as perfect as Justin!

So we're stuck with people like Ezra Levant and Warren Kinsella.

And Stephen Harper and that bearded guy who leads the NDP.

And Al Qaeda, President Obama, and even Michael Moore!

So please stop, HRC.

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