Canadian Court Ponders Whether Men Are Stronger Than Women

Finally political correctness is beginning to work both ways!

Arnold Schwartzenegger's sister on
the East German Swim Team.
After years of frivolous cases before this country's Human Rights Commissions, this just in...

Letting female lifeguard candidates carry lighter subjects during a rescue test is not only discriminatory, it’s dangerous, alleges a Medicine Hat man who filed a human-rights complaint against the southern Alberta city after he was forced to carry a heavier man and failed.

The Alberta Human Rights Commission disagreed and dismissed Jeremy Peressini’s complaint against the City of Medicine Hat, saying the gender segregation was justified to accommodate younger, smaller candidates.

But Mr. Peressini is considering fighting the commission’s decision in court, by asking for a judicial review.

It has been three years since the ill-fated lifeguard test and Mr. Peressini, 34, is now employed as a fitness trainer. But he said Wednesday there is a principle involved. MORE

So it looks like puny men wanting to be lifeguards will have to wait until more and more of them go to the HRC and complain, finally finding a sympathetic judge that listens to them.
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