Canada's Vietnam?

As Canada's Afghanistan mission is honored in Ottawa today, the military is rocked by veteran suicides attributed to combat trauma.

Society and the education system seems hell-bent on destroying the Alpha Male.

Political correctness in schools often goes way too far. Most public high schools offer classes in diversity, Canadian studies, religion, slavery, WW2. These are the easier classes where boys often don't pay attention...So there's a lot of repetition involved.

Nazis and colonizers are Alpha Males. War resisters, socialists, and defeated people can represent Beta Males.

Too many of these classes are detrimental to the male psyche.

And our military forces are comprised largely of Alphas.

Our veterans should be regarded as heroes. But in this age of political correctness military intervention is taking too much of a psychological toll on our soldiers.

This has happened before to Vietnam vets.

So until they can get guys with masters degrees in philosophy to use M16s it might be wise not to fight any more foreign wars.

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