Canada's Crazy Killers

News of the Luka Magnotta murder of Lin Jun made international headlines. The model/pornographer had cannibalized and dismembered his victim, sending body parts to political parties and schools. It seems that the country known for hockey, Mounties, and Justin Bieber isn't immune to the types of violence normally reserved for south of the border. Here are some more brutal cases...

Colonel Russell Williams: One of the most respected and highest ranking men in the Canadian Air Force, Williams was also starting a career as a serial killer. He was the commander of  the largest air base in Canada and the person you would least suspect. He had even flown Queen Elizabeth across the Atlantic! But in his other life he would break into people's homes and dress up in lingerie. This escalated to rape and murder.

He was apprehended in 2010 and has been convicted of two murders and a slew of rape and burglary charges.

Robert Pickton: Pickton was a pig farmer who murdered prostitutes and female drug users. Missing women is a major problem in BC and many who are destitute disappear. Police has incurred much criticism for this: Often not bothering to give missing persons enough attention as it was assumed by them that many of these women simply left the area they were in. But in 2002 cops searched the Pickton farm for illegal firearms. What they found was disturbing: Personal items of missing women but no bodies. They took him into custody. To get a confession a police officer posed as his cellmate and Pickton boasted about killing 49 women. In a disgusting example of cannibalism  it has been suggested that Pickton ground up the bodies and, mixed with pork, distributed it for human consumption. It is also likely that he fed body parts directly to the pigs. See video of Pickton in jail talking to the undercover officer:

Mark Twitchell: Do TV shows like Dexter inspire people to kill? They did in Edmonton, Alberta. Twitchell, an aspiring filmmaker, posed as a woman on the dating website, 'Plenty of Fish.' He lured a man who was expecting a date to a garage. Once there he stunned him, tied him up, and then got personal information from him like passwords. On the net he impersonated his victim, telling friends that he had met a woman who was taking him to Costa Rica. During the murder he documented the whole thing on his computer which police later retrieved. Read Twitchell's bio on IMDb.

Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka: The most notorious of Canadian  killers was a married couple. Paul and Karla Homolka were a good-looking and seemingly happy duo. But he was a sadist who had perverse fantasies of rape. Karla encouraged this in him. In 1990 police questioned Bernardo because of a series of violent sexual attacks on women that had been occurring around Scarborough, Ontario. Despite the evidence they decided that such a good-looking well-spoken man couldn't possibly have committed such crimes: He did not remain a person of interest. The rapes escalated to Karla helping Paul drug a teen aged co-worker and then her sister so that he could have sex with them. Karla's 15-year-old sibling died. Now they would begin murdering the school girls they were abducting. For rape and the deaths of three girls Paul Bernardo was sentenced to life with no possibility of parole. However, a sentence that would anger many is that after serving 12 years in jail Karla was released. It had been a plea bargain as the prosecution had felt that they needed her to testify against her former husband. Most believe that she is as guilty as he is.

Paul and Karla
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