Warren Kinsella Fired From Sun News!

Warren Kinsella (file photo).
Sun News is still reeling after finding out that their top boss was a Quebec separatist. Now comes more shocking allegations. The guy who fills in for Brian Lilley when he's on holiday is a Liberal who supports Olivia Chow!

Warren Kinsella made a name for himself in the 1980s because, since he looks exactly like actor Bill Murray, he'd get a lot of money as a stunt double in movies like, 'Ghost Busters.' But Hollywood is a cruel place so by the 1990s he returned to Canada and became one of those guys that accompanies the local MP as they go door to door, trying to get support.

Now that the Sun team has realized that Kinsella never supported Stephen Harper, he is expected to go back to his native Cuba.

Ben Mulroney will  be the new guy that fills in for Brian Lilley when Lilley is on holiday.

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