Kathleen Wynne Is Moving Ontario Forward!

The Liberals have been in power for a long time but Kathleen Wynne has been the premiere for just over a year. Sometimes, when a government rules for more than a decade things get stagnant and financially irresponsible. But Wynne is bringing hope with a new transit plan and effective leadership.

It's been pointed out that the Liberals lost $1.1 billion dollars canceling construction on power plants just to win two seats in the last election. With Ontario already drowning in debt, how do they get the money back? That's where Wynne's quick thinking comes in.

Now she's suing the PC Party, it's leader Tim Hudak, and MPP Lisa MacLeod for $2 million for suggesting that she was involved in the scandal.

Sure, the $2 million doesn't come anywhere close to paying for the power plants but at least it's a start. MORE

For more on Wynne's leadership plans here's a related video:

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