Justin Trudeau: "I'm Fucking Liberal Leader You Fuckheads!"

Justin Trudeau is trying to keep his appeal to younger voters. Last year he grew a beard to moderate success. Then he beat up a senator in a boxing match. Then he came out for legalizing pot. Now he's using swear words.

The CBC wonders whether his new choice of vocabulary was really thought up by backroom strategists. They asked an expert who said, "If this isn't managed, it appears to be managed … He's doing a pretty good job, the team is doing a pretty good job." 

And they continued to write:

Adams points out that Trudeau's language will resonate with young people. "Swearing is especially prevalent these days among the millennials he hopes to attract to his cause. Just walk behind some young men or even some young women on the street and you hear the f-word almost as often as the word 'like.'" 

But Dougherty says most young people don't vote at all, and a politician's reputation or attempts to humanize will work only with existing young voters. 

She doesn't detect the Trudeau team employing tactics to win over young people who don't vote. "I don't think that will be the primary focus of their campaign." 

Trudeau's language and perhaps carefully timed admissions might be part of plan to let the incidents make big news now so that they'll seem less significant in an election narrative.

Is 43-year-old Justin swearing to be cool to encourage youth to flock to polling stations and vote for him? Or is he simply drawing attention away from the fact that while all of this is happening he also spent the past week wondering what the middle class is?

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