Democracy Has Been Trudeaued!

Justin is going to do things differently. Like anyone else who has ever wanted to become Prime Minister, he is promising a more open and accountable government. And he's made moves to show that that's what he's working for. Reforming the senate is a constitutional nightmare. His answer was to kick Liberal senators out of his party to make the Upper House nonpartisan.

Nonpartisan? The senate? Will you trust a born Liberal like Justin to stack the senate with Conservatives and New Democrats alike?

55% of Canadians realized that it was all a publicity stunt.

Becoming a leader who stands for democracy and accountability doesn't just mean acting youthful and speaking about lofty goals. And now Justin is showing his true colours as 2015 quickly approaches.

Zach Paiken, who intended to run for the Liberals in Hamilton, has quit the race citing that the party that he had worked so hard to rebuild does not stand for the openness which Justin touts. Supposed openness which Justin ignored when he blocked Christine Innes from running in a byelection in Trinity-Spadina.

People are beginning to realize that Justin Trudeau, when it comes down to it, is really just a shallow man. Similar to a hole full of water...

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