Colbert/Park: When The Left Attacks Each Other

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Stephen Colbert, host of the Comedy Network's, 'Colbert Report,' has had a lot of explaining to do. Over a week ago his show's Twitter account tweeted a quote from a broadcast referencing the, Ching-Chong Ding-Dong Foundation for Sensitivity to Orientals or Whatever.' This led to a campaign to end Colbert's career as people flocked to social media, using the hashtag #CancelColbert.

Spearheading this campaign was an admitted Colbert fan, comedian and activist Suey Park who is, herself, Asian. In an interview with Salon she called white people oppressors and...

A call for revolution.
Q: What is the best way to work with white people, to get them on our side? 

 A: I don’t want them on our side. 

 Q: You don’t want them on your side. 

 A: This is not reform, this is revolution.

A revolution because Asians are the victims of white oppressors according to Ms. Park! There's a place I know where Asians are certain victims: It's called the University of Waterloo.

When I was in school I had two Asian friends. One would joke that all black people look alike and the other, a Buddhist and a computer engineer, thought Hitler was a pretty good guy. Somehow all of the political correctness of high school where we spent hours learning about things like diversity to prevent the rise of Nazism, completely missed both of them.

Meanwhile the racist who incited all of this, Stephen Colbert, did so to satirise the owner of the Washington Redskins who's under fire for his team's name. Also, in 2010, Colbert spoke to Congress on behalf of illegal immigrants. 

Leader of her revolution Ms. Park...

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