Now You Can Be Purged For Voting Wrong Like In Soviet Russia!

It's 2014 and there are still people around who oppose it! Now that the traditional nuclear family is almost a thing of the past, gay marriage gives many the opportunity to attend an olden style wedding similar in the ways of our heterosexual ancestors.

It's believed by many historians that a long time ago men and women who liked each other exchanged vows of commitment usually in a place like a church.

Here are some actual marriage photos...

I think the final one represents what was once called a, 'mother-in-law.'

Now that people are having their first kids at the age of 45 things are so crazy that some are still against gays getting married! Even educated people like the guy who invented JavaScript held these outdated views. So he was called a bigot and forced out of his job.

He worked for Mozilla, the company that makes Firefox. On an unrelated topic: There are better browsers out there like Chrome and Opera.  You should switch to them because Firefox really sucks.

Now Slate is calling for a purge of more people who are against gay marriage. More HERE
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