An Apology To Warren Kinsella

On this web site, I have repeatedly published statements which suggest that Warren Kinsella is dishonest and disreputable. Those statements are completely false and malicious, and I hereby retract them. I apologize to Warren Kinsella, his family and his colleagues, and wish to confirm that I have no intention of writing about Warren Kinsella again. I have removed references to him from this web site, and will make no other comment about this settlement.

I'd be forced to say the same thing if Warren Kinsella found out where I live:

He has a reputation for suing people that he doesn't like into the ground. See HERE

Kinsella trying to figure out who to sue next.
Warren is one of those liberals that works hard trying to turn all of Ontario into North York via massive immigration from the third world. At the same time I think his former girlfriends have all been white and he sends his kids to private school. I must be psychic.

A big time Liberal, he's friends with Jean Chretien who is noted for being a bully in his younger days. But at the same time he has sued the other Liberal PM Paul Martin, a fiscally responsible Prime Minister. It's probably because Warren wants leaders to spend billions on his ideals.

Maybe Torontonians should ask why Olivia Chow has a guy who nicknamed himself, 'The Prince of Darkness,' heading up her team.

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