You've Been Told!

From the blog, 'The Checking of the Privilege.'

This blogger's description is:

23, femme-presenting queer trans non-binary two-spirit genderfluid, xe/xir/hir/xirself pronouns, pansexual, PoC (1/16th Native American), white-passing except for hijab, Muslim (convert), neuro-atypical (self-diagnosed aspergers), economically privileged, sex-positive, body-positive, vegan, sociology major, loves Disney.

And one of their posts says...

White people, please stop eating at restaurants owned by Arabs and Muslims and please please please stop eating halal meat. Not only are you appropriating a culture you’re actively seeking to destroy but you’re also making the price of halal meat go up. I’m vegan but I will still defend the meat-eaters in the ummah. Muslims face enough hatred from Westerners as it is. We don’t want to see a shwarma with halal meat go from $8.50 to $11 at our falafel stands because too many white people are eating them.

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