Warren Kinsella Calls Richard Klagsbrun A Very Bad Man!

Warren Kinsella (file photo).
Warren Kinsella can't say anything nice about anyone who isn't a Liberal. In a recent blog post he accuses Richard Klagsbrun of linking Olivia Chow's facial paralysis to mental illness. He even calls Klagsbrun a POS which is an acronym meaning something.

Here's Klagsbrun's post that Warren is referencing: http://eyecrazy.blogspot.ca/2014/03/cognitively-challenged-tdsb-trustee.html

Klagsbrun writes the blog EyeCrazy and his main gripe has been that, despite all of the bad things you can say about Rob Ford, he's never spent public money on himself.

The same can't be said for Olivia. See:

Olivia Chow wants to be your kids' role model

The Truth About Olivia Chow Taking Advantage of a Housing Subsidy

Lies from Olivia Chow's hatchetman Warren Kinsella to deflect from SubsidyGate

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